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Life Stages


Massage and Bodywork provide hormone regulation, relief from growing pains and mood swings. The practice of Yoga and Mediation builds confidence, strengthens the body and teaches breathing techniques to cope with feelings of anxiety and depression. If nutrition is a concern, scheduling a session with a Health Coach will help tweens and teens to discover a balanced and nourishing approach to nutrition.  Be Well offers a supportive environment for young people to learn about wellness from experienced professionals who supplement what they're already learning from parents. Teaching a young girl to take care of herself leads to her empowerment, greater self esteem and encourages her to appreciate the beautiful individual she is.

Pre-Natal and Postpartum Care

Pre-Natal Massage and Pre-Natal Yoga help support the body through the muscle and ligament strain that a changing body growing a baby brings. Postpartum is an equally important time to attend to wellness by releasing arm, shoulder and back pain from breastfeeding and childcare. Massage therapy has been shown to increase milk production, as well as to enhance lymphatic flow. Try a Manual Lymph Drainage session to support the elimination of excess fluids (average of 50% more) stored in the body from pregnancy. Follow up with a Personal Trainer and Health Coach to get back to feeling like yourself and assist you in taking care of your new little one.


Massage and Bodywork helps to regulate hormone production (Reflexology has been found helpful as a natural alternative to synthetic hormones). By implementing these into your self care routine, you may reduce the symptoms of hot flashes, ease fatigue, and boost feelings of happiness through the natural release of endorphins. Resistance training increases bone density while strengthening muscles, keeping you healthy through cardiovascular exercise. Check in with a Health Coach to determine if the nutrition you are taking in is meeting the dietary needs of your body. To improve mental clarity, build synovial fluid in the joints and keep ligaments/tendons/muscles flexible, try a Yoga Class - offered throughout the week at Be Well. To soothe a busy mind and remove mental obstacles to gain a greater level of inner peace, join a Meditation session. You've spent time caring for others throughout your life. Remember to also take care of you.