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Holistic Bodywork


A holistic therapy in which massage is applied to the reflex points on the feet that correspond to all of the body’s systems, organs and glands. This treatment helps to stimulate the normal functions of the body, that aids in self-healing, bringing about physical and mental well-being.

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage has been an important part of Indian family life for over a thousand years. It is a simple, safe and very effective massage in which techniques are only applied to the back, neck, shoulders, arms & head. Indian Head Massage represents a de-stressing program for the entire body incorporating deep thumb and finger pressure, effleurage and friction. This therapy restores balance and harmony to the body in a 30 minute treatment. Combine it with 30 minutes of Reflexology and experience a little bit of heaven!


A Japanese word meaning “universal life force energy”, is a natural healing method using channeled energy through a practitioner’s hands. Treatment is experienced fully clothed and works on the client’s energy fields. A session is deeply relaxing and promotes the body’s self-healing capabilities on both physical and emotional levels.  Offered in 60 and 90 minute sessions.  (60 min: $65 and 90 min: $85)

Craniosacral Therapy

A light-touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your life,  Craniosacral Therapy helps improve the form and function of the central nervous system by balancing the flow of fluid that protects your brain & spinal cord, ultimately improving your body’s ability to heal itself. This therapy have been found to be useful for a range of illness, disease, and tension, such as: migraines, chronic neck and back pain, stress related disorders, motor-coordination impairments, brain and spinal cord injuries, CF, Fibromyalgia, TMJ Syndrome, Scoliosis, and other central nervous system disorders. This session is experienced fully clothed as the Therapist applies light manual pressure to specific points on the body. A very relaxing and peaceful session. Offered in 60 and 90 minute sessions.

Ear Candling

This ancient natural remedy is excellent for removing excess wax, blockages and keeping your ears healthy. It may help to treat sinus pressure, sore throats, swimmer’s ear, chronic headaches, ear aches, allergies, dizziness, and boost hearing abilities. A one hour session is used for full cleaning of both ears.  A 30 minute session is used to focus on one ear or as a follow-up to the one hour initial session.  (30 min: $40 and 60 min: $65)

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)

MLD  is a highly specialized, gentle, and effective treatment which improves the function of the lymphatic system throughout the body.  Within us all there is a silent system working to keep us healthy- the lymph system. Without it our bodies would swell up like balloons, swamping our cells with stagnant fluid. The lymph system's impact is so far reaching that many don't even realize that minor aches and pains, low energy or susceptibility to colds and flu may be due to a sluggish lymph system and a compromised immune system.  Benefits of MLD include: post-surgical swelling, lymphedema, sports injuries (such as sprains), whiplash, migraine and sinus headaches, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, as well as general relaxation, detoxification, and enhanced immunity.

Combination Therapies

CranioSacral/Massage Therapy

Receive all the the benefits of 1/2 hr. of Craniosacral Therapy along with a relaxing 1/2 hr. of Massage Therapy in this incredibly healing hour which works on many levels to help balance the body & promote the self-healing abilities the body holds!

Indian Head Massage/Reflexology

A one hour therapy which combines integrates Indian Head Massage & Reflexology. Together these two therapies relax and cleanse the entire body by initiating the body's natural healing abilities.

Massage Therapy/Reflexology

Offered as a 60 or 90 minute session, enjoy a fabulous combination of 30 minutes of Therapeutic Massage and 30 minutes of Reflexology. Enjoy an 1/2hr. back, neck and shoulder massage, completed with a 1/2 hr of Reflexology which works to boost the immune system and encourage total body wellness!